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An unforgettable stay in a house full of history!

The 112 Notre-Dame Ouest (Today: Bed & Breakfast Le Bouquet de marguerites)

Jean-Eugène Rioux site

Jean-Eug ène Rioux was the first farmer in Trois-Pistoles who opted to modernize its business and diversify agricultural production. This farm, located at 118 Route 132 East, is bounded by the sea and it crosses the Cape-Marteau site previously called l'Anse-aux-Coques. In 1850, the house was along the Royal Road at the bottom of the coast and had to be brought up on the coast, where it is today.

He took over the family farm in 1927-1928 and acquired four pure blood Ayrshire heifers and gradually transformed the herd breed. The gradual purchase of pure blood bulls completed the project. Then, from one conference to another given by the agronomist Martin, at the time, he put into practice, although skeptical at first, the following advice: "10 blades of grass must grow where only one does. They took advantage advice on animal genetics; mechanization followed the profitability too.”

He diversified his production with the growing of strawberries. In 1944, 2000 strawberry plants had been planted; in 1946 10 000 foundation plants were purchased to create a nursery. During the best season, they sold one million plants.

In 1959, Jean-Eug ène Rioux bought the property from 112, rue Notre-Dame Ouest to retire there in 1961. Jean-Eug ène Rioux was president of the Caisse Populaire de Trois-Pistoles for 25 years, from 1939 to 1964. Jean-Eugène was born April 23, 1902. He married Lucie Bérubé, born December 12, 1902 on July 16, 1923. They died respectively September 1st, 1992 and October 29, 1987.

- From the book of Robert Létourneau "Some little stories of Trois-Pistoles" editor: Company history and genealogy of Trois-Pistoles Inc. -